Wednesday, March 14, 2012

So Blessed and Tippy Tuesday on Another Wednesday

I am blessed for so many reasons.  I have a great family, including a grandma, who is also my next door neighbor, that is celebrating her 80th birthday today!  She was diagnosed with Alzheimer's a few years ago so everyday with her is a blessing.  I took her to Dairy Queen to get one of her favorite things, a sweet treat.  And though she didn't remember it a few hours later, it was fun during!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!  Though she would never be on the computer to see it, I am telling y'all anyways! 

Another reason I am feeling blessed today is because I received a second blog award.  Two people have now rated my blog Top 10.  Not only that, but I believe I have figured out how to post the label here.  Fingers crossed!

Ta Da!  I did it!  A special thank you to Lori over at Fun For First for giving me this award!  I am going to pass it on, hopefully tomorrow!  Tonight, it is my goal to get serious and figure out who I want to pass it on to.

Lastly, I believe it is my third week doing Tippy Tuesday on a day that is not Tuesday.  However, I know you all are busy, so it is okay.  This weeks awesome tip comes from Erica Bohrer over at Erica Bohrer's First Grade.  Earlier this year, she shared a fantastic idea on personalizing the birthday chart.  You know, the chart that every primary teacher has hanging in their classroom that has student birthdays on it?  In my classroom, it was really more a decoration and nothing else.  Not a fan!  So I love Erica's idea.  She took pictures of each of her students, grouped by birthday month, holding a piece of paper with the actual date of their birthday.  Then she labeled each photo with the month and hung them in her classroom. 

I love it!  And I feel more attention may be paid to the birthday chart (at least by me) if it has student photos on it.  So I will be doing this for sure, as soon as I am back in the classroom.  If you want to see Erica's original blog post, click on the link above.  And that is all for today!  Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday friends!



  1. Thanks for the shout out! Happy birthday to your grandma! My Poppa Joe (grandpa) suffered from dementia and psychosis the last few years of his life. He did not recognize me at all the last six months. But he always smiled whenever I brought my dogs over to see him. My dog Niles always went to him and would stay on his lap as he pet him.

  2. The hardest part I know is yet to come. She still recognizes us for the most part, only has to be reminded sometimes, especially if she hasn't seen us in a while. Luckily, living next door, I see her often. Thanks for the comment!