Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lin-ky Parties

Do you all know that song Rumor Has It by Adele?  She is all the rage this year!  That is the way linky party sounds in my head, same tune!  Rumor has it!  Lin-ky party!  Perhaps I am the only one who understands.  Oh well:>!  Moving on to more important things, like the actual linky parties!

Over at Kreative in Kinder, Crystal is spreading the word, working hard to help teachers and students who have lost so much from the devastating tornadoes that ripped through five different states on March 2nd.  If you haven't seen her post yet, please go check it out now and consider lending a hand.  As an unemployed teacher, and with the state of the economy, I know times are tough.  However, I can't imagine how I would get through losing everything without the help of others.  This is our chance!

Onto the second linky party!  Jeannie over at Kindergarten Lifestyle is having a party too!  She is trying to compile a list of awesome kindergarten through second grade blogs that everyone should know about.  As someone newer to the blog scene, I am excited whenever I see any type of linky party.  It is a great way to get the word out about my blog.  Once the list is completed, Jeannie is going to make a board on Pinterest so all you have to do is go to that board and voila!  Awesome blogs chock-full of awesome ideas.  Fantabulous!

And that is all I have for today.  Check back tomorrow for Tippy Tuesday on a Wednesday!



  1. What a cute blog! I found you through the linky party. I'd love it if you stopped by my blog. :)

    WILD About First Grade!

  2. Linky parties are great:) I am your newest follower:)

    Surfin' Through Second

  3. I am so glad I found you and it was through the linky party...great blog. I'm your newest follower. ( 50th ) :o) Very cute. Can't wait to visit with you more. ;o)

  4. Just found your blog & love what I see - would like to present this award to you: http://www.teachingblogaddict.com/2011/05/top-10.html - Have a lovely day:)

    Two Fulbright Hugs
    Teacher TimeSavers

  5. I am your newest follower! Come on over and check out my blog! Have a Happy Sunday!

  6. Be sure you all leave a comment saying you follow me so you are entered to win my giveaway! And if you could do a little blurb about it on your blog, that would be fabulous! Thanks oh so much!