Saturday, April 7, 2012

End of the Year Activity Freebie & Question

I had planned to create a sample to go with this little freebie, but life got away from me these last few days.  So here is a freebie that would work great for the end of the year!  It is a little speech bubble activity asking students to write about their favorite part of the year in their current grade level.  I created a page for each grade level, kindergarten through forth grade.  Then display these activities for next years students at Open House in the hallway or a display board to give them an idea of what they have to look forward to!  You could display them on some sort of fancy scrapbook paper if you use the full sheet or the students could create themselves out of construction paper and just use the speech bubble.  If you wanted to be totally awesome, you could also take photos of the students and attach them!  Any way you want to do it would be spectacular I am sure!

And before I go, I suddenly am following no blogs on blogger.  Can anyone tell me what in the world happened?  Or at least venture a guess?  Weird! 

Happy Easter to all!


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