Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pinterest Blogger Exchange Treasures & Tippy Tuesday!

Hello bloggy friends!  Before I share this weeks Tippy Tuesday Tip, I wanted to share the crafts I sent to my Pinterest Blogger Exchange partner, as well as the treasures that were sent to me.  First, this is what I sent to Ms Jennifer White from First Grade Blue Skies.

This is a photo frame used as a Post-It holder.  I absolutely love the colors!

This is a picture frame that I spray painted.  I added the scrapbook paper to make a pretty background and spray painted the magnetic clip as well.  I added the clip with a little hot glue and voila!  An easy to update photo frame! 

These are the 3 (yes 3!) treasures that I got today from Sharon McBee over at Ms. McBee's Kinderbugs.  She sent me a Post-It note holder which is perfect for me because I can never find them when I need them.  She also sent me a picture frame and a crayon pencil holder.  I have always wanted to make a crayon craft like this, but was a little chicken.  I love the one she sent!  And they all have rainbow ribbon on them.  That is perfect for me because I love bright colors and patterns!   Thanks Ms. McBee!

And this is today's Tippy Tuesday Tip.  I have taught kindergarten and first grade.  Sometimes students in these grades have trouble with finger spacing.  There are so many options of how to help students make finger spaces, but these are a few of mine.  The first is a wiggly eye hot glued to a popsicle stick.  I like to call this the wiggly eye that helps see where finger spaces are needed.  The second is a bingo dobber.  Once taught the proper procedure for using bingo dobbers, students can use a bingo dot for their space marker.  The last idea in the picture is a fake fingernail hot glued to a popsicle stick.  It may look a little silly, but students love using these to help them make finger spaces.  Sometimes just having these tools on their desk can help students remember finger spaces without needing to actually use them. 

And that is all for today.  I made another trip to the dentist today and got two more cavities filled.  Nine down, one to go!



  1. That fake fingernail spacer is too funny!! I gotta make some of those! :)

    Jen's Kinder Kids
    Please come by & visit! :)

  2. How creative! I love the photo frame with the clip!!


    Apples and ABC's

  3. Hi! I found you through the bloggy exchange and came to check out your loot!
    I am your newest follower :)

    When you get a sec, stop by!


  4. OMG! I'm terrified to go to the dentist! I'm so glad you only have one more to go! You are brave! lol

    First Grade Delight