Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tippy Tuesday (On A Wednesday) and a Question

Wow.  I haven’t blogged in some time!  I have been feeling a little blah lately.  Not sick blah, just blah.  And I feel bad that I cannot share awesome pictures of a classroom and new ideas.  But without a classroom, I am lacking in the idea department.  Anyways, enough about me!  I found an awesome tip online today and wanted to share this tip for Tippy Tuesday on a Wednesday.

While blog stalking, as I still do even on my blahest days, I found a tip for getting your lamination cut out quickly.  Send it home to parents who cannot volunteer in the classroom but would love to volunteer at home!  Ms. Thomas over at The First Grade Jungle shared an idea of using a laminated manila envelope with a note attached stating directions for cutting out the pieces.  They then send it back all cut out (and for Ms. Thomas it was the very next day)!  As a thank you, I would probably send the envelope with a little treat the first time I sent it home.  Something small and simple like a mini Bath & Body Works hand lotion or some chocolates would be perfect I think!  Just a small token of appreciation.  GENIUS!

So easy!  Put it in an envelope with some scissors and Voila!

And that is all for this Wednesday version of Tippy Tuesday!  But before I go a question.  Do you cut out your cards and things before laminating?  I always cut, laminate, cut again!  But I am noticing on blogs that I just may be adding an extra step!  What do you all do?  Am I wasting time?  Let me know:>.  Have a great rest of the week bloggy friends!



  1. Thanks for the shout out love!! If you do it let me know how it works!! And I am heading to bath and body works to get some gifts, and probably picking up some more hand soap. :)

    -Ms. Thomas

    The First Grade Jungle

  2. I always cut, laminate, and cut again...I've seen people that don't cut their items out first, but I just haven't been able to do that. I feel like the edges might not stay sealed as well. Maybe I'm just making too much work for myself...hmm. That's a good question you bring up!