Sunday, May 27, 2012


That is what I am doing at this point.  Waiting.  My state has changed teachers retirement something or other once again.  I should probably know more about it, but I will not be retiring for about 30 years, so at this point, it doesn't affect me as far as my retirement.  The school district I worked at for three years offered a buyout this year.  At this point, there are TEN takers!  I am third on the list to be called back as far as elementary teachers go, so I am hoping to get the call in mid June saying I get to come back and my grade level.  But until then, once again, just waiting.  Cross your fingers and toes for me if you would.  I am dying to be back in a classroom again!  Being a teacher without a classroom for one year is long enough!



  1. Fingers crossed and sending positive vibes your way!! Things always have a way of working out. :)

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. My fingers are crossed for you! Hope you get the call soon. :)

    Apples and Papers

  3. Fingers are crossed and hoping for the best.