Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Reminder...Plus a Cutie

Just wanted to remind all of my fabulous followers that today is the last day to enter my 20 dollar giveaway. It's just a few posts down!

Also, if you loved the Otter Creek recognition idea from my last post so much you pinned it, there's been a little change. If you could delete that pin and replace it with the one where the child's face is covered, both the handsome young mans teacher and I would appreciate it.  I kind of wondered when I posted, but I just loved the idea so much, I had to pin it right away!    Please and thank you bunches!  Also, in Patty's email, she mentioned that when a student passes an individual test, they get to stand on their chair while the class cheers on.  She calls them Chair Cheers.  LOVE that idea too!  I will definitely implement all of this should I be in a district with Otter Creek or a program like it!

And now I leave you with this little cutie.  This is my nine and a half month old niece, Miss Emma.  While being Stay At Home Auntie yesterday, I helped her create this masterpiece to give her mom for Mother's Day.  Her first art project!  It was messy but I think it turned out absolutely adorable.  

One more day until the weekend.  Enjoy my friends!



  1. Very cute picture. She will love it! And thanks so much for making the switch! I had to leave school right away, so I couldn't make the switch on my page. . . but I will in the morning.
    I also got a message from someone else who said there is a site that shows the "real" Rocket Math. I looked at it, and I'm not sure who was first, because they both look so similar. So maybe we need to be clear when we talk about Otter Creek's Rocket Math and not to be confused with the other rocket math! Oh so confusing!
    Take good care!


    Second In Line

  2. Thanks gals! I hope she loves it. The pictures are priceless too!