Thursday, April 10, 2014

Classroom "Booknic"

Have you ever been inspired by ideas that have nothing to do with the classroom, turning them into something completely classroom friendly?  I'm sure it happens with so many fabulous ideas on the web.  A few years ago, I was inspired by a pin that I now cannot find for the life of me.  The idea?  Hosting a "Booknic", celebrating two of my favorite things, books and food in a picnic format!  I am not sure the idea was originally intended for classroom use, but as soon as I saw it, my wheels started spinning.  After a year or two, I finally put my thoughts in motion.  After celebrating daily with different activities for March Is Reading Month, I decided to host a "Booknic" for my kiddos to be our final celebration of the month!  I sent home notes asking for food donations and had enough parents volunteer to cover all of the food.  I added a little picnic fun with table cloths and a few ant elements.  Put it all together and you get the celebration we had below.  It was so much fun to celebrate books with food that matched! 

On the top right, we have the If You Give a Moose a Muffin table.  Each student got two mini muffins and, of course, listened to the story.  The next table was If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and cookies for all.  The banana and strawberries on a stick represented The Cat In The Hat.  And lastly, a personal favorite from my childhood, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom represented by the tree.  The bottom two food crafts were not originally my ideas.  I found them online!

This is a close up of one table with the napkins, napkin holder, picnic plates, and though you cannot see it, a giant ant also sat on each table!
As I said, this is how we celebrated at the end of the month.  We did other smaller activities each day of the month.  It was so much fun!  What do you do to celebrate March Is Reading Month with your kids?


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